Avalanche PD - InGaAs APD

- High-speed InGaAs PIN Photodiode
- High-speed InGaAs Avalanche Photodiode
- High-speed GaAs PIN Photodiode
- High-speed WDM PIN Photodiode
- TO-25 mini size PIN PD TO / Pigtail for High-density Package
- CATV Return Path Photodiode for Analog Receiver
- Larger Area Photodiode for Monitor Applications
- RoHS Compliant

TO Package
Product Number Wavelength Active Area Temperature TO Type Cap Package Data
APD-1100 1310/1550nm 75µm -40 ~ 85°C TO-46/3-pin Ball Lens Cap
APD-1150 1310/1550nm 75µm -40 ~ 85°C TO-25/2-pin Flat Window Cap
APD-1155 1310/1550nm 75µm -40 ~ 85°C TO-25/2-pin Ball Lens Cap

Pigtail Package
Product Number Wavelength Fiber Buffer Fiber Core Diameter Temperature Package Type Data
APD-1300 1310/1550nm 900µm 50/125µm -40 ~ 85°C 3-pin coaxial
APD-1310 1310/1550nm 900µm 9/125µm -40 ~ 85°C 3-pin coaxial
APD-1350 1310/1550nm 900µm 9/125µm -40 ~ 85°C 2-pin mini coaxial
APD-1351 1310/1550nm 250µm 9/125µm -40 ~ 85°C 2-pin mini coaxial with Bare Fiber